In 2006 my Wife and I started a Sprout business. We delivered our products locally for the first three years but realized we had to incorporate shipping to scale and compete in our industry. We decided to offer nationwide shipping but had no idea how to create a website, integrate shipping API and package our items as they were all perishable. We tried everything to keep our products cold during transit. We called other businesses for advice which were also shipping perishable, but they refused to offer any advice.

We finally came across a business that was shipping fish from Seattle. They gave us tons of advice, including buying cheaper supplies and knowledge of how to package perishable items. 

In five years, we have partnered with over 500+ companies across the nation on teaching them how to ship and save money on their shipping process. Shipcause was born!!

I promised once I figured out the logistics side of the company, I was going to share with others. 

Our goal at Shipcause is to hold all businesses that need assistance by the hand and offer all necessary tools required to create a successful e-commerce platform. 

 At Shipcause, it's our pleasure to share all the valuable information we learned with you. We want you to know you are not alone.


Jovany Veloz

Founder / CEO